use the toad

Why in the world do people think toffee is just for Christmas or can only be used as sweet treat? brings savory creations to life as well. Our chefs use us in creative ways that help them to stand out and offer something TOADally and WILDly different. Just a few ways the toad would add deliciousness.....

  • by using wribbits as a finishing garnish on scallops or seafood with a sweet sauce

  • top butternut squash soup with a sprinkling of wribbits

  • use the dust as a rub ingredient for pork or other sweet meats

  • bartenders are WILD about using our toffee dust for rimming glasses of decadent cocktails

  • coffee shops love the toad as a sweet accompaniment to coffee or teas or rimming coffee cups

  • the toad takes cookies and other pastries to the GRAND PRIZE WINNING level!

  • adds the WOW to custom made ice creams and popsicles, setting them TOADally apart from the boring

  • it makes an amazing add in to pancakes and muffins for breakfast.

  • and whatever else you can dream up