The Name

Where in the world did you get the name?

A question I get asked constantly is, “Where in the world did you get the name?”

 Funny story. Never has it been this difficult to come up with a name.  But it was one of those times, that when you finally came up with it, you’d know.

 Actually, after trying out all sorts of different names, we kept coming back to “wildtoad toffee”.

 The “wild” references the animal print that is part of our great packaging.  Of course in NO way does it refer to me! (Y’all hush!)

 Now for the “toad”.  Being a proud native of Fort Worth in the Great State of Texas, I wanted something to reflect my heritage, but that wasn’t boring.  When we were little, we’d go around playing with horned frogs, or as we called them “horny toads”, because of their horns. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) So horned frogs turned into toads.

 And that’s where you get “wildtoad toffee”!

 As time has progressed, “the toad” has come into being known as kinda a sarcastic, smart-aleck, personality of his own that not only is loving bringing smiles to people (especially those those claim to “hate” toffee) but also constantly being thankful for all the blessings He is giving us.

 Our mission?  To show everyone how toffee SHOULD taste, one toadhead at a time!

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