Shipping Policy

You’ll find the answers to most of your questions below regarding shipping and WILDTOAD Toffee. If you don’t, please contact us at 817-223-4911.

We’ve made ordering WILDTOAD Toffee online super easy!

Shipping to Homes and Offices:

We can ship your WILDTOAD toffee wherever you need us to! We realize that there are fewer and fewer people who stay at home during the day. If you are ordering WILDTOAD Toffee for someone (or even yourself!) who works during the day, you may want to consider sending your gift to them at work, rather than to a home address. By providing the correct ship to addresses for your recipients when you buy WILDTOAD Toffee, you can help us deliver the very best service possible on your order. Please be sure to give us the entire ship to address … all of it! We need company names, apartment numbers, suite numbers, floor numbers, mail codes (in a large building) and correct zip codes along with recipient’s phone number.

Shipping Methods:

We feel that the condition your WILDTOAD Toffee order arrives in is a reflection of both of us.  We don’t want you, or your gift-receiver to open an “ugly” package.  Please keep in mind that during the warm months (typically April – Oct) we can ONLY send Next Day Priority (unless ground shipping will arrive the next day.)

Let’s just say the TOAD and heat get along like two siblings (who can’t stand each other) crammed in a too-small back seat, on a too-long car trip with the windows rolled down because the air-conditioning is broken. (And we aren’t responsible for them fighting!)

I think you get the picture.

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